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Café Gran Batey

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Gran Batey, is 100% Arabica coffee bean. Grown in the indigenous region of Caguana in Utuado. Processed in their Ecological Mill by Mr. Jose Morales and his wife Lotty Aymat. The roasting is done by hand.

When we visited Gran Batey farm for the first time was a great experience. We tasted the coffee made the “old way” by Lotty Aymat, which changed our mind. The taste was amazing and we decided then that we needed to have this coffee in our coffee selection. This is still one of my favorite coffees to pull as a single origin espresso; it’s a thick, sweet, and chocolaty espresso that begs you to come back for just one more. Brew it the way you love!

  • Roast: Medium
  • Grind: Fine or Whole Bean
  • Size: 12 oz / 8 oz

Note: This artisan coffee is grown and process in small farms and its production is limited. For that reason, there might be times when delivery will take longer than usual. You will be notified within 8 hours of placing your order, we guaranteed you fresh coffee.

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    Excellent coffee!

    The best Coffee store online

    Gracias por permitir disfrutar mis cafes favoritos de la isla y los pueda recibir en San AntonioTx deberas mil gracias.

    Love Cafe Gran Batey

    Best coffee I ever tasted!!