Get up to 3 bags of coffee for a flat shipping cost of $7.35.
Get up to 3 bags of coffee for a flat shipping cost of $7.35.
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About Us

Our Story...

Mi Patria Café was born from a husband and wife idea, both from the tropical, “Enchanted Island” of Puerto Rico. Even though the couple has been living in a different country, they never let go of one of the most delicious traditions of their home land, a great cup of homemade coffee. Far away from their homeland, they were always requesting their family back home to send coffee, but not just any coffee, they wanted their specialty coffee! The coffee you usually cannot find at the grocery store, the coffee that is made with passion and dedication, using the best selection of coffee beans.  It is the coffee that smells like freshness and the succulent familiar taste of “home”.

The love for their coffee turned into a hobby, then the hobby turned into an idea, and the idea became an urge to share what they loved.  That’s when “Mi Patria Café” began. As the years went by, they undertook the task to visit each coffee Hacienda, farm and roaster they liked and made a strong connection with each one of them. Every visit and every coffee tasting was an amazing experienced, where they discovered the best coffees in Puerto Rico. Since 2013, MPC works closely with the Puerto Rican coffee growers and roasters to deliver the highest quality product available in the market to you.

Our Mission...

To provide the finest Puerto Rican coffee to those who venture to a memorable and exquisite experience. To increase and share the passion for the coffee of Puerto Rico with our customers.

Our Vision...

Be the best alternative for Puerto Rican coffee lovers who enjoy quality coffee. Create a close relationship with customers by offering excellent products with the most remarkable experience.