Don Pello Coffee
Don Pello Coffee
Don Pello Coffee
Puerto Rico Coffee House

Don Pello Coffee

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Cafe Don Pello - Un cafe con historia

100% Arabica Coffee.

This coffee is a light french roast. Moderate dark brown with oily drops. It will have a moderate bittersweet taste. Caramel flavor. Low acidity.

The perfect breakfast coffee. It is very delicate to the palate. Not too strong, not too light. This coffee is from the town of Ciales, Puerto Rico. 

  • Roast: Medium
  • Grind: Fine 
  • Whole Bean 
  • Size: 14 oz.

Note: This artisan coffee is grown and process in small farms and its production is limited. For that reason there might be times when delivery will take longer than usual. You will be notified within 8 hours of placing your order, we guaranteed you fresh coffee.

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